“For years I have been turning salad into a meal, loading my bowl with a vast array of different meats, veggies, fruit, cheeses and dressings.”

My name is Kyle Hulings, founder of Garden Monsters. For years I have been turning salad into a meal, loading my bowl with a vast array of different meats, veggies, fruit, cheeses and dressings.  All too often I felt that the only way to really get my money’s worth was to make it at home, as time and time again I found myself overpaying for a tiny, bland, three-day-old and all-around weak salad.

I also often faced with the challenge of coordinating meals and eating out with several of my close friends and family members, as many if not most have dietary needs. Some are sensitive to gluten, others dairy, countless varieties of low carb and low calorie diets, vegetarians, vegans, celiacs and the list goes on.

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“I spent the next several months making preparations to open Portland Oregon’s very first entree salad restaurant.”

garden monsters salad food cart

With my business plan and financial analysis complete I began looking for a location, however due to the youthful age of my small business neither my bank nor credit union would offer the loan. They directed me towards the Small Business Administration who then sent me back to my bank.

After completing this circle I spent the next few weeks incredibly discouraged, but with the support of my friends and family I decided to change my attitude and adjusted my plan. With the investment of my life savings, several months of hard work and the help of some amazing friends we were able to fully construct and launch the very first Garden Monsters food cart. This took place on February 3rd 2013.

I’m a one man entrepreneur following my dreams and have put literally everything I have into this. I’ve taken the first steps with sincere passion and enthusiasm and welcome you all along for the ride as we grow from here.

Incredible menu and execution is without equal. In a league of their own. Owner, chef was courteous and willing to experiment with customer requests. Really wish we lived in Portland, as we’d be hitting up this venue on a regular basis. You Portland residents are spoiled.
Travis S., Yelm, WA
Finally a salad worth its money that is not made in my kitchen.
Shellane E., Portland, OR
The salads here are amazing!! I tried their vegetarian chicken with my salad and it was surprisingly good! If no one told me that it wasn’t really chicken, I wouldn’t have even known! The texture and the flavor of the chicken was really delicious!
Aimee H., Beaverton, OR